PDF.js Express 8.0!

Hi everyone!

This morning I am happy to announce that we have officially released PDF.js Express 8.0.

This is a huge release with a ton of improvements, bug fixes and changes.


You can view the entire changelog here, but here are some stand out updates:

  • Added support for rotating freetext, stamp, rectangle and ellipse annotations
  • Added support for scrolling a document with two fingers on mobile devices
  • Added a tool for creating freehand highlight annotations, typically used for highlighting images or text on scanned documents
  • Added a “Fill and Sign” toolbar which provides tools to more easily fill and sign documents that don’t include fillable forms (e.g. scanned documents)

Please read through the changelog to see all the things we have added!

Breaking changes

This release comes with a number of breaking changes which are all outlined in the migration guide. A lot of these “breaking changes” are actually just deprecations, but we recommend upgrading as soon as you can.

Changes to the website

The PDF.js Express documentation now has a versioning system which allows you to switch between different versions of the documentation. When viewing our guides, please make sure the version switcher is set to whichever version of Express you are using.

Wrapping up

If you have any issues with this release or have any questions, please create a new topic the relevant category! Please make sure you mention you are using version 8.0.

Thank you for using PDF.js Express.