PDF.js Express Viewer document secure - HIPAA

Hi, We are evaluating PDF.js Express Viewer to show inline pdfs in our product. But we deal with medical domain where the PDF content is HIPAA sensitive. We would like to confirm that the PDF.js Express Viewer only keep the data(pdf file) in browser and no way it send the pdf document in any server. If it send it to any server then we will require a Business Associate Agreement. Can anyone please answer this, we want to make sure we will be covered while using this awesome platform.

Which product are you using?
PDF.js Express Viewer

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PDF.js Express does not send any document data to the servers - it only sends license key data and anonymous telemetry data.


Thank you for the quick response Logan ! Another quick question, if we use other features like annotation does PDF.js provide a BAA (Business Associate Agreement) ? Let me know please.

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We do not provide BAA’s - sorry about that.