Text combing not working

Which product are you using?
PDF.js Express Plus

PDF.js Express Version

Detailed description of issue
I have a text field that is using the combing feature but it doesn’t render correctly in the pdfjs express viewer.

Expected behaviour
I expect the text field to “comb” the inputted text

Does your issue happen with every document, or just one?
Every document

Link to document

Code snippet
This could be demoed here: PDF.js Viewer Demo | PDF.js Express
Combing is on the VIN field on the top of the first page.

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For example here is PDF.js demo screenshot which is correct:

And here is PDF.js Express with the same PDF:

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PDF.js express with same PDF:

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Sorry for the delay, I was away for a few days.

We do not currently support this feature in PDF.js Express - However I will add it to our backlog and we can investigate implementing it when we have time.


I checked PDF.js and the code for handing a combed input field here:

Also the comb class is the following:

font-family: monospace;
padding-left: 2px;
padding-right: 0;

I found where PDF.js handles it: