We've seen one more issue with pdf viewer, some words are breaking in the PDF or PDF not loading properly

PDF issue

We are seeing intermittent breakage in characters when using PDF express plus

Hi there,

Thank you for contacting pdf.js express forums,

Could you please provide the sample document for us to reproduce?

Could you also provide your pdf.js express version, and let us know if you can also reproduce this issue on our demo page? PDF.js Viewer Demo | PDF.js Express

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,
Kevin Kim

Hi Kevin,

this is the version we currently have - PDF.js Express Plus Licenses

will get back to you shortly with a sample document for you to reproduce.


Hi there. We are also having this same rendering issue being reported by customers. I believe this issue is also the same as this issue (2185): Text Rendering Issues in Chrome and Edge

The suggested solution in 2185 is not an acceptable solution as it requires end users to modify their Chrome settings, which is significantly outside our control (and possibly not even allowed by many corporate users).

Further reading suggests this issue is a Chrome (and therefore Edge) issue caused by a Chrome update last year and occurs in those two browsers but only with a specific built-in video cards.

This thread in support for react-pdf is a good summary of the issue. It also has a proper solution for that software from just a few weeks ago: PDFs not rendering perfectly after Chrome update · Issue #1010 · wojtekmaj/react-pdf · GitHub

The Chrome bug issue can be found here: 1404710 - chromium - An open-source project to help move the web forward. - Monorail

The last update to PDF.js Express is 6 months ago and the changelog does not seem to mention this issue or fix. Is there a planned update for PDF.js Express with a similar and proper solution to this issue? I fear it is pretty widespread in corporate environments which often use built-in video cards.


Hi there,

Thank you for the details, we will add this issue to our backlog for our team to review.

There was a minor update to PDF.js express a few weeks ago but the change-log has not been updated yet. Thank you for letting us know.

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Kevin Kim