TextWidget is doubled after xfdf/merge

Dear Support
I open a source file where there is only one TextWidget Form input.

After this file has beed displayed in PDFJSExpress Webviewer, then I xfdf/merge the document using your merge rest API.

The result of that, at the end is that now I get 2 widgets in my document. It is like they were doubled…

The widget is clearly doubled because I tried to select the annotation within annotation.GetAnnotationsList(), and apply a transformation using annot.SetRect( … ).
After merging I can see 2 widgets in my PDF file…

Also one remark :
I can see 2 annotations using cosEdit tool, but I get only one item in the annotationManager.GetAnnotationsList().
Can you explain what happens ?
Best Regards, :slight_smile:

Hey there!

This is a known issue that we have been actively working on - we hope to have a fix soon.

Thanks for the detailed report,

Any news in this field ?
That’s a problem if we can’t use your API REST for xfdf/merge.

I did some tries and discovered that after XFDF/MERGE the pdf file looks to have a problem of structure. If I try to open it with PDFSharp, I get this error message :


Please advice when do you plan to fix this issue…

Best Regards,

Hey there,

We do not have a timeline for this fix yet.

In the meantime, can you try using the set API instead of merge? That may resolve your problem.