TypeError when loading pdf

TypeError causes pdfjs-express to crash when loading certain pdf files… does not seem to be an issue in PDFTron. Please advise. Replicated using PDF.js Viewer Demo | PDF.js Express and loading pdf file. Screenshot and pdf file attached.

PDFJSDocumentType.js:99 TypeError: Cannot read property ‘includes’ of undefined
at new Glyph (PDFJSDocumentType.js:2248)
at PDFJSDocumentType.js:2242
at Array.map ()
at Line.value (PDFJSDocumentType.js:2242)
at webpack_exports._parseTextData (PDFJSDocumentType.js:2299)
at PDFJSDocumentType.js:2279
at PDFJSDocumentType.js:2302

sample_part.pdf (10.3 KB)

@Logan … you seem to be the local wizard. :relaxed:
Potential new customer here… can you help figure this out for me?

Hey there,

I can reproduce your issue. This is an issue specific to this document that I’ll have to investigate.

Ill keep you posted, but hopefully this will be fixed in the next release!


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Hey @mark.richmond

I found a fix for the issue and it will be fixed in the next patch!

Thanks for the report,


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That’s great… what is your release cadence?

We don’t really have a fixed schedule. We try to release a minor version once every month or two, and we push patches as needed. Once the fix has gone through code review and gets merged, I’ll push the patch.


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