Want to understand the API transection and charges

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PDF.js Express Plus

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I want to understand more about the API transections.
I get charged extra each month based on the api transection.

When I checked the number of total transections from the profile, below are the number of actions for client and server.
Client - 13 Monthly - 21516 All time
Server - 0 Monthly - 0 All time

  • We are using client api keys for download pdf, because it is managed by our application, could this be included in above api transections?
  • Is there something else I need to understanding?

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Hello schoolio,

We have more information on the REST API here:

You only need to use it for:

  • Merging Annotations
  • Extracting Annotations
  • Set Annotations
  • Watermark Document

Best regards,

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Perfect, thanks tgordon :slight_smile:.