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**I would like users to be able to fill out the PDF form and then download their completed version. However, after reviewing your website documenttation, it seem that “Express plus” cannot achieve this function.

Does this mean that I must use “Express API” plugin?

I already have a license for use “Express Plus”, so would I need to pruchase an additional license key for “Express API”?**

Hi tmhits,

You can import/export form data into the document with importAnnotations and exportAnnotations they just won’t be merged into the document when downloaded (unless you merge with the REST API)

Our annotation merging API is on a per-action pricing, the first 0-500 actions are free. See here: Pricing for PDF.js Express Utility API | Documentation

This is noted in our pricing page and our “merge and extract annotations guide”, merging and extracting annotations to/from a PDF, to save it locally, requires the REST API:

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