Watermark on Dev mode is effecting the search

Hi all, when trying to programmatically search a pdf file, the watermark which is display during development in effecting the results. It makes the text un-selectable which I think must have something to do with it

For example - with standard resolution I am unable to select this text.

If I make the window smaller and the watermark moves I can now select and highlight

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Hi there!

I can reproduce the issue where selecting text doesn’t really work at certain zoom levels, however I do not think it is related to the watermark.

There is a known bug where sometimes pages don’t render correctly that we are working on fixing, I believe this may be related. I will investigate and let you know!


Thanks @Logan. Do you have a timescale on this? I have also noticed that when doing loadPageText() the text that is un-selectable is also not in that text result


We do not have a timeline for this yet. I’ll keep you posted when I get more information.