WebViewer not being initialized in firefox

@pdftron/pdfjs-express”: “^7.0.1”,
@pdftron/pdfjs-express-utils”: “^1.2.3”,

Detailed description of issue
I’m using angular and I’m making a stepper in which at 3rd step, webviewer is being used. It’s working fine in chrome but have issue in firefox. If I refresh the page at 3rd step, then webviewer is being initialised and providing its instance but if I refresh the page at any other step and then go to 3rd step using prev or next, then webviewer is not being initialsed.
edit: The other error code is being is window.utils is not defined in wv-resources/ui/webviewer-ui.min,js. This error is stopping from webviewer initialisation

Expected behaviour
in below code, instance 1 ‘instance’ should be printed but console is not printing that means webviewer is not being initialised.

Does your issue happen with every document, or just one?
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Link to document
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Code snippet
licenseKey: ‘u4Utg1NNWOrQZIX32Rxu’,
disableFlattenedAnnotations: true,
path: ‘…/…/wv-resources/lib’,
config: ‘…/…/wv-resources/lib/ui/config/file.js’, // relative to your HTML file
disabledElements: [
‘selectToolButton’, ‘toolbarGroup-Edit’, ‘toolsHeader’, ‘searchButton’, ‘header’,
‘panToolButton’, ‘toggleNotesButton’, ‘notesPanel’, ‘menuButton’, ‘highlightToolGroupButton’, ‘underlineToolGroupButton’, ‘strikeoutToolGroupButton’, ‘stickyToolGroupButton’, ‘freeHandToolGroupButton’,
‘toolsOverlay’, ‘viewControlsButton’, ‘leftPanelButton’, ‘toolbarGroup-Insert’, ‘toolbarGroup-Shapes’, ‘squigglyToolGroupButton’, ‘freeTextToolGroupButton’,
// initialDoc: ‘assets/schedules-pdf/sample_01.pdf’
// initialDoc: ‘https://parspec-product-url.s3.amazonaws.com/media/media/evo-4-open-artc_S2pu5eE.pdf
}, this.viewer.nativeElement).then(instance => {
console.log(‘instance 1’, instance);

Looks to be a duplicate of Pdf js viewer throwing error on Firefox

Closing for now. Thanks!