The promise from WebViewer function is rejected

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PDF.js Express Viewer

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@Logan,Hi Mr. Logan, I saw the demo case and it was great.But I ran into some problems when I tried. I registered lisenceKey, and it shows that lisenceKey binding is correct in offline test. However, under this domain name, an error occurred. I changed the cORS Settings for the document server, but it still didn’t work. My config.js doesn’t work either.

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every document

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 useEffect(() => {
    if (ereportInfo) {
          path: `${process.env.REACT_APP_Path}/lib/webviewer`,
          licenseKey: 'xxxxxx',
          initialDoc: ereportInfo.link_path,
          config: `${process.env.REACT_APP_Path}/config.js`
  }, [ereportInfo])


instance.UI.addEventListener(instance.UI.Events.VIEWER_LOADED, () => {



Anything I am potentially missing?

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Hey there!

Can you try updating to the latest version and letting me know if it fixes it? We had some timing issues in 8.1 that may be the issue here.

Let me know,


After I updated the version to 8.2, the problem was solved , Thanks a million! :+1:

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