Annotation not importing on PDF when used double quote


Please check the attachment that i attached of the annotation with comment. when we used the quote or some special character in comment it not importing on the PDF.

we have used this script for that.

Attachment video link is here: 0BA267F0-250E-44F9-A3A4-1EA4B834B10D.MP4 - Google Drive


Hi there,

This could be due to the multiple quotes within the XFDF, please try using ticks (`) instead for the XFDF string instead.

If issue persists, could you share the issue XFDF?

Best regards,
Kevin Kim

Also we have tried to use ticks (`) sign but it is given the error in console.
Attachment video link is here: 3E7DCDA3-32BD-40DD-B02A-B28106634B76.MP4 - Google Drive

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?><xfdf xmlns="" xml:space="preserve"><fields /><annots><circle page="0" rect="493.080,610.240,560.630,693.450" color="#F1A099" flags="print" name="fc31bd7f-a579-908e-3537-bdac7edf38eb" title="Guest" subject="Ellipse" date="D:20240703171634+05'30'" width="3" creationdate="D:20240703171621+05'30'"><trn-custom-data bytes="{&quot;trn-mention&quot;:&quot;{\&quot;contents\&quot;:\&quot;Inch 11`\&quot;,\&quot;ids\&quot;:[]}&quot;}"/><contents>Inch 11`</contents></circle></annots><pages><defmtx matrix="1,0,0,-1,0,792" /></pages></xfdf>

Please check this data that is generated by the library.

Hi there,

This may have been caused by the tick () in the "Inch 11".

From the provided XFDF, removing the ‘<trn-custom-data’ element & converting the tick ’ → to a single quote allows the import to go through:

best regards,
Kevin Kim