Annotations appearing sideways

Hello, I have reports from users saying that annotations will appear sideways when they are added to the page, I have remoted into their computers to confirm this happens but I unfortunately cannot reproduce this issue and cannot get the documents from the clients as they contain sensitive information.

This happens very rarely, but it is consistent on a document when it does happen, ex it will happen to one document every time.

Most my clients are using auto generated PDFs from another system so in theory nothing should be causing only some of them to render the annotations sideways but it does come up.

Is this a known issue / is there something I have to set specifically to make sure the annotations don’t get set sideways?

Eric Greavette

Just to add onto this, the document has a larger X value then it does a Y value even though the document is longer than it is wide. Im not sure what software they use to generate the PDF but the issue seems to be that PDFJs express believes the document is rotate horizontal when its actually vertical and so its rendering the fields sideways.

Hi Eric,

Thanks for the bug report. Are you able to send me the document you are having issues with?


Unfortunately not as its a sensitive document from a client. I am trying to get access to the software they used to generate the document so hopefully I can reproduce this issue on my end / then be able to send it to you.

Okay no problem Eric,

If you could get me a document where you can reproduce it that would be great. In the meantime i’ll try to find one myself.


Hi Eric,

We also experienced this problem. It was actually caused by the page having a rotation which the viewer respected, however the coordinate system does not factor this in. To fix this, you could check to see if the page has a rotation and match modifying the annotation to suit or in our case, we actually “fixed” the pdf with our backend on upload to remove rotations and fix the co-ordinate system.

From memory, I think this one was a problem document.

Hope this helps,


Hello Fuse,

That PDF is a perfect example of what is happening, ill try your fix of removing rotations and fixing the coordinate when the user uploads it as that seems like the best option for now.

Eric Greavette

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