Issue when annotating some landscape documents

These documents are originally landscape documents. PDF express identifies these documents as rotated documents. PDF express creates Metrix differently for these types of documents

Because of that, annotations are getting rotated abnormally in different scenarios

Text annotation added using PDF express tools

Before save

After saving

I need to keep the annotation without rotating no matter what the page rotation is. This is urgent since clients are waiting for a solution. Please help

Also, when we use getRotation(PageNumber); it returns 0. But when we use getCompleteRotation(pageNumber); it returns 1

Hi lakshan

Can you provide the file in the screenshot or a sample project to reproduce this issue?



file attached below

Cinnamon Red, LLC__Credit Card Activity Report (2).pdf (58.8 KB)

Hello lakshan,

Regarding the getRotation() and getCompleteRotation()

  • getRotation is the current viewing rotation, you can temporarily rotate the document for viewing purposes without saving it into the document. This is why it is 0 (0 degrees), because you have not rotated the document in the viewer.
  • getCompleteRotation is the document’s actual rotation, which has been saved into the document’s internals. It returns 1 (90 degrees) because the document’s metadata says it is 90 degrees.

In the case of the FreeTexts rendering incorrectly, it seems like the annotation’s text is rotating based on the document’s internal rotation. Try setting:

freeText.Rotation = documentViewer.getCompleteRotation(freeText.PageNumber)

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Thanks. I tried. Now rotation does not change after saving. But the problem is,

Now it looks like this

I need it be horizontal same as the text in the PDF. Is there any way to do that. Can you please help


Hello lakshan,

My apologies for the delay in response, we have added this to our backlog to be reviewed by our product team.

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Please update me on the progress