Blank document pages along with UnknownErrorException

Which product are you using?
PDF.js Express Viewer

PDF.js Express Version

Detailed description of issue
When I load certain documents to the viewer, I observe that all pages are blank. The page quantity is right. I also can see full document inside the browser tab or via desctop application. As I noticed the issue is happening during the PaintOnCanvas process.

Here how the document looks like in the viewer:

If image won’t load - here’s the screenshot link - Screenshot by Lightshot

The error message:

If image won’t load - here’s the screenshot link - Screenshot by Lightshot

Expected behaviour
Be able to see a document’s content or at least be able to use a callback to show notification in such scenario.

Does your issue happen with every document, or just one?
Not one and not every. Certain documents.

Link to document

Hello azhuravlev,

Thank you for reaching out, it looks like there may be a corruption in the file that are arent handling correctly.

We have an onError callback in our LoadDocumentOptions that would trigger when a file has failed to load: PDFJS Express WebViewer Namespace: Core

Best regards,

Hello tgordon,

Thanks for the answer. Just wanted to clarify next things:

#1 If the document is corrupted why we’re able to see the content inside browser and desktop viewers?

Acrobat Reader:

#2 Unfortunately, this issue isn’t happening during the document loading process, so event isn’t triggering. What event we can use in this case?