Disable annotation grouping, rotating and resizing / feature disabling issues


We have a very spefic scenario that is the preparation of an existing document to be electronically signed by different individuals.

And, since we are using stamp annotations as placeholders to the future signatures, we cannot allow users to group, rotate or resize the annotations.

(1) Is there a way to disable these features?
(2) Is there a official list of features/elements names? We noticed that these features have been introduced after the update from 7.x to 8.x., A lot of features that have been previously disabled using the code bellow don`t work anymore:

                    disabledElements: [


Some could be disabled using instance.UI.disableFeatures but instance.UI.disableElements(['menuButton', 'page-nav', 'print']); don’t seems to work, I’m very confused finding the correct names of the features and buttons.


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oh… just noticed a wrong method call…

instance.UI.disableElements(['annotationStyleEditButton' )
must be:
instance.disableElements(['annotationStyleEditButton'] )

however, I still can’t remove the “Rotate Annotation Button”, I’ can’t even inspect it to retrieve the data-element attribute.


Any clues? Thanks!

Hi, someone could please help?

Sorry to insist, but this component cant be inspected since it is rendered inside the document canvas and I did not have found anything in the docs mentioning how can be this rotation tool disabled.

@Logan , sorry to bother, but I need to understand if this could be solved. Is there something wrong with this post? Do you guys want me to create another one following the guidelines or simplifying more my request?

Hi There,

Thanks for your question and sorry about the late response.

I saw you found how to disable the features, correct? That’s great.

In this link you can find in the last topic List of elements all the element’s names.

To disable the rotation for all annotations you can use the following code

  isEnabled: false

If you want to disable this feature for a specific annotation, you use:


I hope this helps and please let me know if you need any other assistance.

Thank you,

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Thanks for the response. It worked.

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