Distance Measurement popup alignment

Which product are you using?
using PDF.js Express Plus 8.7.4

Does anyone know how to find this div in the DOM? I want to override the CSS and left align it because it clashes with the annotation list on the right hand side of the page.

I can modify the css manually (but my changes will be wiped out on every update).

I’d prefer to do a manual override of the css (as per below), but I’m guessing about what the div is called (because I can’t locate it in the DOM).

Any clues would be very helpful thanks.


Hi there,

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From your screenshot, it looks like you want to customize the positioning of the measurement popup overlay.
You can target this in your WebViewer code via targeting the DOM:

    const iframeDoc = instance.UI.iframeWindow.document;
    const measurementPopup = iframeDoc.querySelector('[data-element="measurementOverlay"]');

Or if you are targeting via CSS, you can use the stylesheet method
and in the CSS file, you can add something like:

    border: 5px solid red !important;

Best regards,
Kevin Kim

Thanks Kevin, I used the css style and it worked for me. I just didn’t think to use a seperate linked in css file.