Enable annotations to be moved using arrow keys

PDF.js Express Version

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Currently if we click on an annotation we can move it around using mouse press . We need the same behaviour with up/ down/ left / right keyboard arrow keys. Is there any way in pdfjs express we can make that happen?

Expected behaviour
After clicking on an annotation, the user should be able to move it around using the keyboard arrow keys.

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Hey there,

Yeah this is pretty easy to do. You just need to listen for keyboard events and change the X/Y value of the selected annotation on key press.

  const { docViewer, annotManager, Annotations } = instance;

  const adjustSelectedAnnot = (x, y, event) => {

    const selectedAnnots = annotManager.getSelectedAnnotations();

    if (!selectedAnnots || selectedAnnots.length === 0) {


    selectedAnnots.forEach(annot => {
      annot.X += x;
      annot.Y += y;


  instance.iframeWindow.window.addEventListener('keydown', event => {
    switch (event.key) {
      case 'ArrowRight':
          adjustSelectedAnnot(1, 0, event)
      case 'ArrowLeft':
          adjustSelectedAnnot(-1, 0, event)
      case 'ArrowUp':
          adjustSelectedAnnot(0, -1, event)
      case 'ArrowDown':
          adjustSelectedAnnot(0, 1, event)

You can adjust this function to your liking, but this should be enough to get you started!