Navigating to a certain pdf page number using Hyperlinks on the pdf file not working on pdfjs webviewer

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PDF.js Express Viewer

PDF.js Express Version

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This is the sample s3 link which has hyperlinks on index page to navigate to the respective pdf page number. All links are working on normal pdf viewer(like adobe), , that is navigating to the correct pdf, but not working in pdfjs express webviewer. Can u pls help us understand what is going wrong while loading this?

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Just this one

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Not sure exactly what is going on here but we will investigate. Thanks for sending the document to us, that is very helpful.

I’ll keep you posted on our findings.



We took a look at this issue - it appears that the links in the document you provided are actually invalid which is why it is not working as expected. Adobe appears to be doing some kind of magic behind the scenes to make the links work, but we do not support document repair in PDF.js Express.

Since this issue is related to a malformed document, we unfortunately can not resolve this issue.