Floting menu for mobile view

I want to create floating menu for mobile view. which consume less space while change in PDF

I want the view something like this
image (3)

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Hi Steven,

This is completely possible to do. Our UI is completely open-source and customizable. What you can do is fork our UI repo and start making changes to make it look exactly how you see fit. Here are a couple of guides to help you get started.



Just to piggyback on Dustins answer, if you do not want to fork our UI, you can still build a custom UI/modal and add your own buttons, and use our APIs to add functionality to your buttons. You can reference our open source UI to see how we implement certain functionality.

It should be as simple as building a little floating modal and adding the buttons you want.

Since this ticket is extremely vague and open ended, I am going to close it for now. If you come across any more specific questions while building your solution, feel free to open a new ticket.

Thank you!