Header text has a strange shadow

I am looking at adding a pdf viewer to my application. I have uploaded one of our exported pdf files but it appears with some outlines aroudn the text which changes depending on the zoom setting being used. Any ideas what is causing that and can it be fixed?

Hey there!

Would you be able to send us the document you are using in the screenshot? It’s very hard to debug these kinds of issues without the document in question.


I have tried emailing and attaching the file but i get an error saying new users can not upload files. Is there another way i can send you the file?


You should be able to upload now, sorry about that

mn_ScheduleB_202010261010.pdf (4.6 KB)

file attached

Hi! Thanks for sending us the document.

Unfortunately this is a rendering issue caused by our core rendering engine, PDF.js, which we do not support.

If you want, feel free to open a ticket with PDF.js.

If you do, please let us know so we can track it!