Some text is absent in document viewer

For one specific document ( some text in the viewer is missing:

There are some warnings in the console:

pdf.worker.js:117 Warning: TT: undefined function: 32
pdf.worker.js:117 Warning: cmap table has unsupported format: 2

I found pdf.js issue that looks the same as mine, but it was fixed a year ago: /Encoding prevents characters in a specific font from rendering but they do in ghostscript, chrome, and acrobat · Issue #14117 · mozilla/pdf.js · GitHub

It doesn’t look the same issue as Text Rendering Issues in Chrome and Edge, the solution proposed there does not fix this issue.

My version is:

Build: "MS8yMC8yMDIzfGIzYTExOTI2Yw=="
Core version: "8.7.1"
Full API: false
UI version: "8.7.0"
WebViewer Server: false
webviewer.min.js: "8.7.1"

Hello Polina,

We were able to reproduce this issue with the provided PDF.
We will add this issue into our backlog.

Thank you.

Best Regards,
Darian Chen

I had created same bug report some time ago, and actually this issue was fixed in newer versions of pdfjs-express (on my project we currently use “@pdftron/pdfjs-express”: “^8.7.4”), so you can try to update the library version, maybe it would help.

Thank you, the update fixed it for me