How to add scale and color to the converted annotation

As per the solution that you have provided to me for 3rd question from here - [SOS] Unable to find some workings in Pdfjs-express

I am converting area measurement annotation to linear measurement annotation.
Here I am getting values in inches, but I want it in meters with my custom scale, like 1m=100m.
Also how can I set color to it.?
How can I set scale before annotManager.addAnnotation(newAnnot); annotManager.redrawAnnotation(newAnnot)? I mean how can I set scale and color before exportAnnotations().
How can I use setStyles() or setAnnotationStyles() in here?

Here is the code snippet which you have provided to me.

  const annots = annotManager.getAnnotationsList();
  annots.forEach((annot) => {
    if (annot instanceof Annotations.PolygonAnnotation && annot.IT === "PolygonDimension") {
      const newAnnot = new Annotations.PolylineAnnotation();
      const paths = annot.getPath();
      paths.forEach(path => {
        newAnnot.addPathPoint(path.x, path.y);
      newAnnot.Measure = annot.Measure;
      newAnnot.IT = 'PolyLineDimension';

  })  ```


To change the color of the annotation you can set the FillColor and/or the StrokeColor on the annotation.

newAnnot.StrokeColor = new Annotations.Color(255, 0, 0, 1); // (rgba)
newAnnot.FillColor = new Annotations.Color(255, 0, 0, 1); // (rgba)

To change the scale you need to set the scale on the tool that is used to create the annot. In this case it’s AnnotationCreatePerimeterMeasurement.

You can find documentation here.