How to set the maximum size of an annotation?

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PDF.js Express Plus

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How to set the maximum size of a FreeText annotation?

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What do you mean by “maximum size”? Do you mean maximum width and height? Maximum size in bytes? Maximum character count?

Please give a bit more details.



We need to set maximum width and height of annotation.


Please assist, still waiting for a response.


Sorry for the delay - we have some internal APIs that I was trying to make work for your use case but couldn’t figure it out. I think we will add a nice API for this in the future, but for now this should do the trick:

  const MAX_WIDTH = 300;
  const MAX_HEIGHT = 300;

  const oldFunc = instance.Core.Tools.GenericAnnotationCreateTool.prototype.mouseMove;
  instance.Core.Tools.GenericAnnotationCreateTool.prototype.mouseMove = function(...args) {
    oldFunc.apply(this, args)
    if(this.annotation) {
      this.annotation.Width = Math.min(this.annotation.Width, MAX_WIDTH)
      this.annotation.Height = Math.min(this.annotation.Height, MAX_HEIGHT)

This will work for any annotation that requires 2 clicks to make (shapes, lines, etc). For things like freehand annotations it becomes a lot more complicated, so hopefully this is all you need.

Thanks for your patience,