HTTP 504 response to all /xfdf/merge POST requests!?

UI version ‘7.3.0’
Core version ‘7.3.2’

PDF.js Express API

Description of Problem
Very simple problem, in our production application, all API requests have stopped working and responding with 504 after a VERY long interval (10 - 50 seconds). This is causing mayhem in our systems and we have not published an update for a few days so our requests have not changed (we are using the recommended pdfUtils like so, which has worked correctly until now):

const response = await pdfUtils.setFile(fileData).setXFDF(xfdfString).merge();
mergedFile = await response.getBlob();

I have heard rumours there are server outages on the east coast, can you confirm this is temporary or please fix ASAP?

Expected behaviour
Merge the annotations and document the same as previously.

Does your issue happen with every document, or just one?
Every document, from any domain, regardless of content.

Please respond ASAP as we’re under a lot of pressure from clients whose systems are not able to download PDFs, a core feature.

Thank you in advance,

Hi there,

AWS Lambda (which we use in part of our backend) is currently experiencing issues -

This is unfortunately out of our control and all we can do is wait until they fix their systems. We’ll be monitoring the status of their issues closely.