I have few feature requirement question.Please respond

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Before using pdfjs express plus I have some feature requirement.
Below attached is the file,kindly mark your response and please reply.

Query excel sheet

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Thank you for contacting pdf.js express forums.

To get a feel for pdf.js express plus, you can check out our demo at PDF.js Viewer Demo | PDF.js Express and toggle the Plus on the top left.
You may have already seen the package difference here: PDF.js License Pricing for Commercial Viewer | PDF.js Express

· Add user-defined standard comments, allowing users to select from a repository of standard comments for selection.
We have standard stamps available via Insert → Rubber stamp
and custom stamps via: Creating custom stamp using JavaScript

· Allow applicants to upload additional documents for informational purposes only, allowing documents that are not associated 1:1 with a required file to be submitted.
You can load multiple documents: PDF.js Express Viewer Integration Best Practices | Documentation

· Rearrange pages in a file.
Not available: Page Manipulation in JavaScript PDF Viewer | PDF.js Express SDK

· Configure default colors for particular user(Means can I restrict user to annotate/markup with a specific color only)
We have custom permissions available: Set Annotation Permissions with PDF.js Express | Documentation
You would need to make the necessary adjustments for the color logic

· Are audited report able to produce(Like user1 deleted some comments and added some , similaly user 2 do ,so there must be history recorded of those changes made).
We do have AnnotationHistoryManager Annotation History | Documentation
However you would need to keep track of the changes.

· Can we identify and separate overlapping annotation by different users.
Map userID: Customize Display Authors for Annotations | PDF.js Express

· Display documents side by side(split view)
We have the double page page-layout:

However for multiple documents it is not supported: Compare Documents in JavaScript PDF Viewer | PDF.js Express SDK

· Control and track the modification of documents through multiple revisions, allowing users to view prior revisions and track document history.
We do not have document history (like google docs for example) however, we do have the XFDF format and the API ( AnnotationManager.exportAnnotCommand) available that essentially tracks the changes since the last time it was called

· Work offline in the field and record actions which can later be uploaded to the system automatically once connectivity is restored.
This would require you to make the necessary setup with the XFDF annotation data. I.e. sync the XFDF with your server once connection is restored via exportAnnotations.

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Please clarify below doubt in more depth.
Support electronic stamps and digital signatures on multiple pages simultaneously.

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To find out more about stamps, you can read the following guide on our stamps:

To find out more about digital signatures, you can read more about it here:

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