Is it possible to open Note expanded in custom modal?

We are trying to create Note expanded(highlighted in given image) in our custom popup . Actually we don’t want to show Notes panel in viewer ,Instead we are trying to set/edit comments using our custom popup for Note annotation.

Is it possible to do this ? if yes then how can we achieve this ?

Thanks and Regards,
Vivek Sonawane


Creating and editing comments on annotations is quite straightforward. Here’s some code to illustrate
the basics of getting comments, setting comments, and replying to comments, and getting a list of those replies.
This should be enough to get you started:

const { Annotations, annotManager, docViewer } = instance;

  docViewer.on('documentLoaded', () => {
    // only show none Notes annotations in the Notes panel
    instance.setCustomNoteFilter((annot) => !(annot.Subject === 'Note'));

    const handleAnnotClick = (annot) => {
      if (annot?.Subject === 'Note') {
        // Set contents of annotation
        annotManager.setNoteContents(annot, 'test')

        // Get contents of annotation
        const noteContents = annot.getContents();

        // Create a reply to noteAnnot
        const reply = annotManager.createAnnotationReply(annot, 'This is my reply');
        reply.Author = 'Derick';

        // Get all replies appended to noteAnnot
        const listOfReplies = annot.getReplies();

        listOfReplies.forEach((annot) => {
          const replyText = annot.getContents();
          // Display replyText in your custom annotation

    // You can get annots via click events
    docViewer.on('click', (event) => {
      const clickedAnnot = annotManager.getAnnotationsByMouseEvent(event);

    // Alternatively you can get all annotations by:
    const listOfAnnots = annotManager.getAnnotationsList();
    // Get only annotations that are a Note and are not replies
    const listOfNoteAnnots = listOfAnnots.filter((annot) => annot.Subject === 'Note' && !annot.isReply());


Hope this helps,