Issue in new Pdfjs-express version 7.1.0

I have checked the demo of Pdfjs-express. It is happening since the newer update of 7.1.0.
Steps to reproduce -

  1. Add 1 area measurement.
  2. Then add another area measurement.
  3. Create both the annotations such that they both are close to each other.
  4. Zoom in as much as possible.
  5. When I select 1st area annotation then the second area annotation moves abit downside.
    Position of second annotation is getting changes for an instance when I select first annotation only. It returns back on de-selection.

Is this a bug or a feature?

Hey there!

I cannot reproduce this. Can you maybe record a GIF of this happening?

PS In the future use the #bug-reports category for bug reports.


I have included a gif.
We are facing many issues with this issue.

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Thanks! I can reproduce now (I think i was zooming in too far lol)

Ill chat with the team and see if this is expected or not. My guess is the new rotation handle is taking priority, so its temporarily disabling the annotation beside it. If its expected i’ll see if theres a way to disable it. Ill get back to you shortly!


Hey! Turns out this is not expected and is a bug. We will have it fixed in a future release (asap).


Fixed in 7.1.1.