Mobile UI issue – PDF UI diappears

PDF.js Express Version
name": “webviewer”,
“description”: “PDFJS Express”,
“version”: “7.2.0”,

Detailed description of issue
We are getting a error in Mobile device wile trying for adding Signature
Condition 1 : Add New Signature , Draw the Signature , Not Placing the Created Signature , but trying to add the New Signature , The PDF UI be comes Blank

Condition 2 : Add New Signature , Draw the Signature , Placing the Created Signature, Then Remove Signature , Then Add New Signature , The PDF will disappear

This scenario is found only on Mobile devices

Expected behaviour
Working should be in Normal data flow. Ned to get Signed as in Desktop version

Does your issue happen with every document, or just one?
Every document on mobile , but on desktop it perform smoothly

Link to document

Code snippet

Hey there!

I cannot reproduce this issue. Do you have any other custom UI configuration or any code that customizes the UI or signature functionality?

Thank you,
Logan Bittner

We don’t have any custom UI or any UI code Updated , My team was able to replicate this on native code . Anyway let me retest and confirm with you . Thanks for the Support .