Moving Tool buttons from Header Toolbar to Header

PDF.js Express Version

Detailed description of issue
I am trying to move the signature button from the header tools bar into the header bar. I have tried the same by updating the tool button group as below but no luck. Can you please suggest if there a different way for this?

Expected behaviour
I am trying to remove the ‘Insert’ ribbon element and add the signature buttons directly to the header from the header toolbar section.

Code snippet
.then(instance => {
const docViewer = instance.docViewer;
const annotManager = instance.annotManager;

  // call methods from instance, docViewer and annotManager as needed
  instance.updateTool('signatureToolGroupButton', { buttonGroup: 'header' });

Hey there,

Unfortunately we don’t have a way to move the signature tool up into the main header.

The best thing you can do is to just hide the ribbons (and everything else you dont want) entirely and just leave the signature tool where it is.


Another option is to customize the UI yourself. Our UI is open source and can be modified however you wish. Please read this guide for more details.