Not able to do Pinch zoom

Hi All,

I tried to implement PDF viewer using pdf.js express. I am not able to do pinch zoom. I followed this gist. but that also not working

Please help me

Hey there!

Thanks for trying out PDF.js Express.

Express ships with pinch zoom by default, so it should just work out of the box without any configuration. I just tested on iPhone and it seems to be working just fine.

What version of Express are you using, and what kind of device are you using where pinch zoom does not work?


@Logan, Thank you so much for your response and Sorry for the delay response.

I am using Stable (v2.5.207) Version and mine is IONIC framework and testing in Android.
Zoom buttons are working fine. But when I zoom using fingures it is not working.
Mobile most of the peoples will do only Pinch Zoom in and Zoom out. Is there any option availabe. If yes please let me know

@Logan, Any Update. Please help me?