PDF file loading stuck forever (CPU spinning out)

Hi team!

I have stumbled across a PDF that seems to be breaking the viewer.

The viewer tries to load the file and then hangs for a really long time and sometime crashes the browser tab. Occasionally after waiting a really long time (5-10mins) it will load.

I have tested this pdf in various other viewers and they have all handled the file just fine.

It is important to us that this gets fixed ASAP please as these type of documents are regularly used by our clients.

Thanks, Luke.

Thank you!

I will take a look and see whats going on. Ill back back to you ASAP.


Hey there!

We found a fix for this document (we had a bad algorithm that was taking way too long). This document has a ton of weird stuff about it (about 150,000 lines of invisible text).

We’ll push out a patch today.


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Works fine in PDFTron

Hi Logan,

Thanks for looking into that so quickly. I have updated to the latest version (7.2.1) and the document load still hangs. It does seem to get further than before though.

Redacted Example _ Nitro.pdf (69.2 KB)


Hey there,

I can not reproduce your issue in 7.2.1. Can you try opening the document in our demo and see if it hangs?

If not, please make sure the upgrade was done correctly. This means deleting all the old files out of your public folder and replacing them with the new ones.


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Hi Logan,

Everthing is now working properly after updating the files in the public folder. Thanks for you help!


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