CPU reaches 100% and page hangs after viewer load PDF file

H10fafb7b61fe41378a7f0ec64c2d336bp-4.pdf (114.6 KB)


I have attached a pdf file that when viewer loads the file, page is stuck and cpu reaches 100%. After a while, the page crashes.

Please help find out. Thanks for any information.


Hi there,

We are able to reproduce the issue and are currently investigating it. We will let you know as soon as we have a fix.



I was able to finally get around to this issue and found the cause - this document has a font that has a ton of information (over 2 billion characters) and there was a couple algorithms that did not handle that size very well.

I have optimized those algorithms and this issue should be resolved in the next release (8.2)


I’ve also had this issue of it freezing the page, I had to restart my browser to get them to load again. It happened at random for all documents. Hopefully this also solves whatever issues I was having.

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