Random Comments in annotation

Hello, @Logan, @zzhang

Hope you are doing well.
I am getting one weird comments on annotation in annotated pdf,
when i hover on annotation.
This is not with all annotations or with specific annotation,
but we get this sometime as shared below.

This also happened before with stamp on live exhibit but unfortunately couldn’t take

I know this is a random issue, but when is comes it leaves bad taste.
So do you have any idea for this reason as in why it could happen
because the one i shared above is same in different PC’s and we
haven’t commented on this annotation which is random name words and name.
( Amey Kulkarni is user name and rest are random)

Abhishek Maurya

Hey there!

Would you be able to send us that PDF?


Yeah sure. PFA is the PDF.test1.pdf (31.4 KB)

Abhishek Maurya

Hi there,

It looks like you created a highlight annotation, and the highlighted text is part of the annotations contents (which is expected).