SignatureWidgetAnnotation isSignedDigitally - Always false

PDF.js Express Version

Detailed description of issue
I am trying to figure out if the user has signed the “SignatureWidgetAnnotation” on annotation change.
I would like to be able to not let the user leave the page until all “Sign Here” annotations have been fulfilled.

Expected behaviour
To return true after the “Sign Here” annotation has been clicked and fulfilled

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Code snippet
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Hi there!

isDigitallySigned returns true if the field is signed with an actual certified digital signature (which is a much more complex use case that we don’t support yet).

Instead, you can check if the widget has an annot property on it. If it does, this means it is signed.

signatureWidgetAnnots.forEach(widget => {
   const isSigned = !!widget.annot;


Awesome thank you.

From my brief testing of this it seems that it reports the widget is still signed even after I have deleted / undone the signature.

Would I be able to handle the undo / delete and set that back to false to make sure that they don’t undo it and my system thinks its signed but it is not?

Eric Greavette