(SOS) Unable to trigger annotationsLoaded event explicitly

In reference to this. Marking this thread as SOS as it is causing major delays in our releases.
I am trying some alternative to this issue. This happens only on few systems. It fails to fire
annotationsLoaded event :

instance.docViewer.on(annotationsLoaded, () => {
// action on annotations loaded

So I had tried doing this : instance.annotManager.trigger(annotationsLoaded);
But it doesn’t trigger this event.

Any solution to solve this issue. I haven’t used any other API. It works on few systems while not on few. It JUST fails to trigger this event and all the actions in it.


How does this question relate to the thread you linked to?

Can you please provide a code snippet showing how you are loading PDF.js Express and when you are binding to the event.

If you have upgraded versions of PDF.js Express - please ensure that all the old files were deleted before upgrading versions.


Yes, I am using this code snippet for annotation imports (Angular 9)-