Unable to switch off annotation tools or disable the hotkeys

Hello. I’m trying to disable some of the annotation-related hotkeys, but instance.UI.hotkeys.off doesn’t work for annotation hotkeys. I also try to disable the related tools, but it also doesn’t work, and the tools are still available when I use the hotkeys. In the same time disabling of all the hotkeys except annotation-related ones works as expected.
My code:

    ).then((instance) => {

The effect of this code is that Cmd+Shift+= hotkey is indeed disabled, but I still can use ArrowCreateTool, FreeHandCreateTool, CalloutCreateTool, FreeTextCreateTool with the corresponding hotkeys.
pdfjs-express version is 8.7.1

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Disabling the tools should automatically disable the hotkey as well:

If the above does not work for you, could you please try disabling via enum:

    const { Tools } = instance.Core;
    // disable sticky annotation tool and free text tool
    instance.UI.disableTools([Tools.ToolNames.STICKY, Tools.ToolNames.FREETEXT]);

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Sorry for the late reply, but neither of the ways of disabling tools you’ve recommended works for me, I was able only to disable hotkeys.

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When going through the Tools.ToolNames we actually have 4 different default stylings for most of the tools:

The revised code is the following:

    const { Tools } = instance.Core;
    // disable sticky annotation tool and free text tool
    instance.UI.disableTools([Tools.ToolNames.ARROW, Tools.ToolNames.ARROW2, Tools.ToolNames.ARROW3, Tools.ToolNames.ARROW4]);

And you can repeat that for each of the type of Tools.

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Kevin Kim

It works for me this way, thank you