Watermark doesn't get removed after putting license key


@Logan @zzhang can you please consider this issue as urgent.

The issue i am facing is even after putting license key , watermark is still there
in PDF and also still there in downloaded annotated pdf.

1- License key is properly put according to syntax.
2- UI Version and Core version is 6.3.3 and 6.3.4
3- Domain name registered is also correct.
4- I get the message that license key is registered with “xyz” domain
but still i get watermark.

Is there anything i am missing. Please suggest any solution.

Abhishek Maurya

Hi there!

What domain are you using PDF.js Express on?

The message I get the message that license key is registered with “xyz” domain but still i get watermark. means that your key is correct but you’re accessing Express from a local server (localhost).

Thank you,

@Logan I am using www.depodirect.com as domain. But it still gives watermark in pdf
even when downloading.



I only see your license key being used from http://localhost:3000. Seeing a watermark on localhost is expected.

If you see the error message license key is registered with “www.depodirect.com” that means everything is working correctly and the watermark will go away once deployed.

Thank you,

Hello @Logan,

I have also used the key in deployed server and there i don’t get any message
which i used to get in localhost, but i can see watermark still there.
Below is the code which i am using.



path: '../lib',

initialDoc: fileName,

licenseKey: "...."



).then(async instance => {

docViewer = instance.docViewer;


Also when annotated pdf is downloaded without license, it gets downloaded with PDFJS watermark. But when i use license key to download with proper syntax and code. It gives message of invalid License.

{“message”:“500 - Invalid license key. - {“statusCode”:500,“message”:“Invalid license key.”,“data”:{}} - /api/v1.0/user/download-exhibit/95166e60-e12b-11ea-848c-952b9361a872 - POST - ::ffff:”,“level”:“error”}

( But the license key we are using is absolutely correct, therefore we were getting message with domain name registered in localhost with same licenseKey).
Below is attached screenshot UI and core version using on server.

Please suggest if we are making any mistake or missing something.

Abhishek Maurya

Hi, Can you please guide here on enabling this ?