We still receive the pdfjs.express watermark after applying activated key

Detailed description of issue
We activated our pdfjs.express key today and entered it into our code. We are still receiving the pdfjs.express watermark when we view or edit. Your guidance is greatly appreciated.

Expected behaviour


Does the domain you are using the license key on match the domain you your license key is set to?

You can set this by going to your profile and editing the domain of your key.

There might also be some useful information on this page.

Let me know if you are still having problems.


Our domain was entered as “rsm.cloud” in the profile and the url is “aadev.rsm.cloud”. Do we need to change the setting on the profile?

Logs show that your license key is being validated properly on the authentication server, so I’m not sure why the watermark would still be showing.

Are there any network errors or console errors in the dev console?

Please see the error details in the console - it indicates PDFJS.express in still in Beta. Is there a current version we should use to remove the watermarks?


Yes, that is an old version of PDF.js Express with watermarks permanently set.

You can upgrade to either 6.3.4 which should be seamless, or 7.0 which we just released today, but has a few breaking changes.

If you’re not using NPM you can get the download packages here: