What does the call to "https://pi.pdfjs.express/events" means?

We have just upgraded from 7.0 to 8.0 and noticed that every new annotation is sending a request to https://pi.pdfjs.express/events endpoint, with some data regarding the created item.

This have raised us a lot of security concerns about potential customer data being sent accross the internet. Why is this necessary? It is possible to turn it off?

This is runing in the local dev server (localhost:3030) and have not been published yet.

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Starting with version 8.0 we started collecting telemetry data. This is completely anonymous data that we use to see how our customers are using the product to help us improve. We do not track any personally identifiable information about the user, and we do not have any access to their documents or anything like that. We track things like:

  • Number and type of annotations created
  • Number of documents loaded
  • Number of application loads
  • Country of origin

This cannot be turned off.

This data collection is outlined in the license agreement in section 8 - REMOTE CONNECTION.