Annotation Delete being called when dragging annotation stamp from one page to another

Which product are you using?
PDF.js Express Plus

PDF.js Express Version

Detailed description of issue
After creating a stamp annotation from a drag and drop event. When dragging the stamp annotation to a new page, the annotation ‘delete’ event is called deleting the stamp.

Expected behaviour
Only the annotation ‘modify’ event to be called.

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Hello Dale,

I believe this is actually the expected behavior because when you drag an annotation to a new page, it creates a new one. This triggers the ‘add’ event as well. The old one will have to be removed which triggers the ‘delete’ event.

Best Regards,

Thanks Darian.

I was currently using an object as a proporty on the stamp, as I syncronize state between the annotationlist and array of provided annotations.

Is the best way to do this using get/set CustomData?

Hello Dale,

If your goal is to keep track of the annotations that move across pages, I think get/setCustomData should work fine.

Best Regards,

Perfect. This works.

Just had to update the annotations ID to the original id, which we store in the custom data