Cannot disable/remove/hide the fullscreen button

Hello, when trying out the editor to see if we can integrate it in our app I noticed the fullScreenButton is documented but I am unable to hide it, this button doesn’t work (because nested iframe) and thus I’d like to remove it.

    path:              '/js/pdfjsexpress/',
    initialDoc:        'pathtopdf',
    disabledElements:  [
}, document.getElementById('viewer'))
    .then(instance => {
        const {docViewer} = instance;


I’ve tried the above which covers all cases to disable the button I think.

I also noticed the button (row) is missing the data-element="fullScreenButton" which is probably related (the dark mode button is also missing this data-element so might also not be disableable).

We have version 7.0.1 currently (downloaded from the website at the time of writing this comment).


This is fixed in version 7.1 (just released today).


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Perfect, although it is now called a fullscreenButton and not (as documented) a fullScreenButton, you might want to update that in the documentation (and also add themeChangeButton) :slight_smile:

But confirmed fixed in 7.1.

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