Cannot view existing annotation on pdf in PDF.js Express Viewer

I am testing PDF.js Express version 8.1.1

Detailed description of issue
I am testing the PDF.js Express in my web application. We have pdfs with existing annotations but when they load I cannot see the annotations in the viewer.

Expected behaviour
I would expect to see an icon with the annotation as I do when I open in Adobe or Chrome pdf viewer.

Does your issue happen with every document, or just one?
Every document

Link to document
46494_102121_013811.pdf (388.0 KB)

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Hey there!

Thanks for remaking the ticket.

I unfortunately cannot reproduce your issue. The annotation appears on both PDF.js Express Plus and Viewer. You can see here it works in our demo:

Do you have some code that might be disabling annotations? disableFlattenedAnnotations perhaps?


But is there a way to see the text in the annotation? Usually we can click on the red star and see the text.

Hey there!

By default, PDF.js Express cannot parse annotations and cannot make them intractable.

To do so, you must use our rest API to extract annotations and import them.

Once you do this then you should be able to hover over the annotation to see the contents.


Great! I will give it a try.

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