Deploy viewer to staging server

Hi guys,
We are trying to deploy our web application with WebViewer . But WebViewer is not loading at all, instead shows blank screen. my question is, is it possible to deploy application on staging server (not production server) for testing purpose.
by the way we are developing our application in angular 9 and node js server.
i have been searching documentation for deployment instructions but haven’t found any relevant content .
can anyone please share information regarding same ASAP.

Hey there,

Yes, it is possible to deploy WebViewer anywhere. Are there any errors in the console or any suspect 404s in the network tab on your staging server?


Hi Logan,
One more query is, we are trying to deploy application to azure server instead of local server (without License key of PDFJSExpress). is it possible to deploy then?

There were no errors in console and also WebViewer library gets loaded but viewer didn’t get initialized.
We have also copied ‘PDFJSexpress/public’ folder in our dist. In network tab not a single script file from ‘public’ folder gets loaded.

Thanks & regards,
vivek sonawane


It’s possible to deploy PDF.js Express anywhere without a license key (for trial purposes only). My best guess would be some kind of misconfiguration in your application.

If you are able to send me the code you are using to initialize WebViewer, I might be able to help.