Document with mixed width and height displays wrong

I’m using latest version of the PDF.JS Express Plus and when it’s rendering the document which have it’s width bigger than height, it messes up the fields rotation and later the rotation when you try to print it.
Hwo should I expect this software to work properly, when native pdf.js works fine in this case?
I want to be able to see correct rotation on the document when it’s opened.
Also the select fields have veird RED outline border which persists even on print mode, how to deal with this?

providing you with the PDF I’m facing issues
ex1.pdf (170.5 KB)

Hello vlasov,

  1. Height issue
    The rotation on the field is a bug and I have raised this to our development team, however the rotation of the page during print can be fixed by selecting Portrait rotation in the print modal.

  2. Form field red border issue
    This is due to the fields being Required, which outlines in red.

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hey Gordon.
Appreciate your reply!
How can I remove red outline border for all fields?
At least I’d like it to be remove when printing.
But in perfect world - I’d like the WebViewer to remove all additional fields that are on top of the native rendered fields of the form, let me know is it possible please!

Also, I should mention that your point about rotation when printing have a bit weird behaivour.
When I’m viewing the doc that is attached to my first message, the document is displayed in a correct way, but fields rotated counterclockwise (I think) and when I’m pressing on the print button the document is rotated that way, so the fileds are looking correctly rotated. Changing portrait or landscape rotation mode in print modal does not affect it at all.
And if I use native browsers PDF viewer, it works completely normal (even native pdf.js lib).
Is it related to the known issue? I saw that 2-3 years ago somebody recomended to manually change X an Y dimentions, but I don’t find a way to do this.

Hello vlasov,

You can remove the border by changing its properties:

<annotation>.border.color = new instance.Core.Annotations.Color(0,0,0,1)

I have raised the rotation issue to our development team, thank you for your patience.

Best regards,

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