Internal Links Not Active

I am using PDF.JS Express viewer. Version 8.7.2

Internal PDF links are not working. The links don’t appear to be active and don’t respond to clicks. These documents render and respond correctly using the pdf.js in Firefox and in the PDF.js Express Plus Demo. As it’s supported by PDF.js is should be available in Express. Is there a setting in Express that disables the rendering of the links?

I’ve attached a sample doc with the links. Uploading to the Express Demo they will not work, Uploading the the Plus demo they do work.

SampleLinks.pdf (47.2 KB)

Hello mark,

Links are technically annotations in the PDF spec, which are not included in PDFJS Express Viewer

Best regards,

So the Express version has less functionality than the open source product it’s based on? Disappointing. Nice UI, but probably not worth $375/month.

Hi Mark,

The viewer version (the free version) does not include annotations.
The plus version (the paid version) does include link annotations.

We have a list of differences of the versions here: PDF.js License Pricing for Commercial Viewer | PDF.js Express

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I understand the differences, I was just surprised that you disabled a feature of the open source project (PDF.js) in your free version.