Is it possible to rewrite Hyperlinks embedded in PDF using PDF.JS Express?

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PDF.js Express Viewer

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Customers use our website to view PDFs via proxies.

The links in our PDFs break their proxy behaviour.


User goes to https://www-website-com.myproxy.tld/file and views PDF
PDF contains link to
User clicks link, and is no longer loading the website via their proxy (so is effectively signed out)

The proxies re-write URLs for anything embedded in HTML, but can’t do the same for PDFs

Expected behaviour

Not expected, just wondering whether there’s a mechanism to re-write the URLs of embedded hyperlinks. E.g. something would see non-proxied url and change the bit before /new to the hostname.

Does your issue happen with every document, or just one?

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Code snippet

I tried to use getAnnotationsManager().getAnnotationsList() but that didn’t result in objects that made sense to me.


docViewer.on("annotationsLoaded", () => {
  console.log("annotations loaded");
  const annots = annotManager.getAnnotationsList();
  annots.forEach((annotation) => {

I wonder if I can do this using pdf-lib but I don’t know how I’d pass the PDF into the WebViewer

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For the hyperlinks in the PDF, you can see them as an annotation, for example in the demo site: PDF.js Viewer Demo | PDF.js Express

And these are types of link annotations we support:

Please note that the above guide is for express Pro, and the Viewer does not support link annotations: Internal links don't work in PDF.js Express viewer - #3 by system

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Kevin Kim

Good to know, thank you Kevin!