Keeps asking for licence key when testing on localhost

We created a PDFExpress licence key, but when we try to test we get the following error message.

Some basic info::

UI version ‘8.7.0’
Core version ‘8.7.3’
webviewer.min.js ‘8.7.3’
Build ‘NS85LzIwMjN8YmNjNTg0NjlmNw==’
WebViewer Server false
Full API false

Any help would be really appreciated.

Hi developers1,

How are you passing the license key into the constructor?

Best regards,

Hi Tyler,
We are passing the key as per example in your repo on the Vue implementation

        path: this.path,
        initialDoc: `${process.env.BASE_URL}files/demo.pdf`,
        licenseKey: 'My licence key',
    ).then((instance) => {

Just checked and it appears to still give the same error regarding the valid key.

Many thanks,

Jaap Migchels

Hello developers1,

Did you install PDFJS Express or PDFJS Express Viewer?

Best regards,