Labelling an annotation programmatically

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PDF.js Express Plus

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I want to add a label to the annotation. I also want to give user an ability to change or update the label. Please provide a code sample or directions.

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A user should be able to see a label on the annotation.

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Hello neeraj.khosla,

Can you provide an example image of what you would like to accomplish?

Annotation labels are not PDF spec, so this would have to be a custom implementation.

Best regards,

Something like the attached image. There is an annotation and I have given a label as “Door 1234”. I also want a functionality so that user can edit the label and then raising an event in js to capture and store it in database.

Can someone please help here ? Thanks in advance.

Hello neeeraj.khosla,

This isnt supported by annotations by default, this would require extensive customization. There are some suggestions we have though:

  1. Create a custom annotation that draws the label with the other annotation: Custom Annotations in JavaScript PDF Viewer | PDF.js Express SDK

  2. Create a label with a FreeText then group it to the parent annotation PDFJS Express WebViewer Class: AnnotationManager

Best regards,