PDF.JS Express not working in domain


I’m testing PDF.JS PdfTron Express viewer:

  1. Build: “MS8xMy8yMDIyfDdhNmQwYmFhNQ==”
  2. Core version: “8.2.0”
  3. Full API: false
  4. UI version: “8.2.0”
  5. WebViewer Server: false
  6. [[Prototype]]: Object

We are running the code as MVC - project on Windows IIS.
With localhost - key it is working perfectly.
In domain-operation PDF.Js Express refuses rendering due to invalid licence key which I got from your site.

Is there a more detailed documentation that describes the domain operation with PDF.JS PdfTron Express?
Thanks for your support
Christian Sonnweber

Hey there!

Please upgrade to 8.2.1, this was fixed in that release.